Guardian Heater by Aerus - The Healthy Home Experts.

  • Numerous safety features
  • No harmful fumes or odors & does not effect humidity
  • Exclusive Active PCO Technology
  • 3 year warranty
  • Covers up to 1,000 square feet

Create a Comfortable, Cozy Environment

Natural odor and contaminant eliminating processes and warm, radiant heat is delivered throughout any room, effectively and conveniently with the safety and efficiency that only comes from Guardian Heater. New Active PCO Technology works to remove odors as the air is heated and sends oxidizers or "scrubbers" to remove contaminants from surfaces. Guardian Heater's heating element gently and evenly warms the area, providing comfort and peace of mind during cold nights and chilly days.

The PTC heating element is made from ceramic stone and heats quickly while being energy efficient. It is also durable, providing a longer life for the heating element. Unlike other heaters, Guardian Heater provides a quiet, even heat that fills the room.

Guardian Heater offers an economical way to put safe heating just where it's needed, allowing a lower thermostat setting which may help save on heating bills. Add to that a long life-expectancy, low maintenance and safety features to make it safer for your home, your children and your pets, it's easy to see why Guardian Heater is a better choice for personal heating!

  • Long Life - A specially designed PTC heating element (positive temperature co-efficient) is made from ceramic stone for long life and quick and even heating.
  • Cleaner Environment - Exclusive Active PCO Technology sends "scrubbers" to remove contaminants from surfaces.
  • Safe - Tip-over safety feature automatically turns off the Guardian Heater if it is knocked over.
  • Automatic sensors - If the internal components reach a high temperature, the heater will automatically shut off.
  • Does Not Effect Humidity - Does not emit odors or fumes and does not effect the humidity level of the room.
  • Quiet Operation - Runs quieter than standard portable heaters and with an output rated at up to 5100 BTU, it heats evenly with a comfortable, balanced heat.
  • Durable - Includes an easy to use and clean, washable filter and the internal 2 speed fan is made of metal components for long life.
  • Easy Operation - Features 4 wheels for mobility, includes a remote control and has LED grill lighting for ambience.
  • Temperature Controls - Multiple heat settings allow you to customize the output to your needs.
  • Efficient - PTC heating elements can operate at full efficiency for up to 80,000 hours with no reduction in heat output over its life and a copper-lined heat exchanger evenly distributes the warm air.